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If you like slurping on noodles as much as I do, this is the place for you. Ramen-san is a hip, urban joint located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. The peeps that run it can’t help themselves and blast 90’s hip-hop all day which will bring you back. To top it off, the ramen dishes are so delicious that they’ll keep bringing you back (if the hip-hop doesn’t).

The site had to reflect that feel. I researched Japanese patterns and designs and incorporated them with bright and not so bright colors to crate a cool and hip feel. We even got a Japanese speaker to help out with some translations! I do hope they’re accurate… If you open the site on your phone, you’ll notice everything is optimized for mobile viewing and guests can place orders, call the restaurant, and make reservations in an easy way.

The website solicits reservations for special events through a form that auto populates data and alerts the appropriate party.

Quick, make a reservation before they run out. Believe me, this joint is packed af.


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