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I am Teo[dor] Nikolaev

Hello there, so you wanna read about me, huh? Well, here it goes.

I’m a full stack web developer, designer, photographer, painter, and model maker. I’ve been creative ever since I can remember. The first time I used Photoshop was to add lightsaber effects to the photos my friends and I would take. At the same time, I started making miniature model buildings of Byzantine and Bulgarian churches and various other buildings.

I decided I wanted to work in the creative industry after a summer camp at the Chicago Botanic Garden. We had a career day where various people from the garden would present their jobs to us. I fell in love with graphic design and decided to pursue it as a career.

Unfortunately, I could not limit myself to one art form and decided to earn a degree in Multimedia Design and Development. I attended DeVry University with a Presidential Scholarship and graduated in 2014, one semester before my classmates.

About six months before I graduated, I found a job as a junior web developer at Lettuce Entertain You in Chicago. I absolutely fell in love with the company and food in general.

I eventually earned two promotions and currently work as the senior web developer overseeing various aspects of the web development process while developing and designing some of the websites myself.

In my free time, I love to paint Orthodox Icons, ride a motorcycle, and volunteer for various LGBT related programs. My dream is to champion equality for ALL and to help people who are struggling. One day, my generation will change the world.



U.S. of A.

My family moved to Chicago from Bulgaria


Graduated from Lane Tech

I'm proud to be an Indian. Go Lane Go!


Lettuce Entertain You

Started adulting as a Junior Web Developer.


Graduated from DeVry University

Earned a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design & Development.


Promoted to Web Developer

More responsibilty and a bigger team.


Promoted to Senior Web Developer

Even more responsibilty and a changing team.


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